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Get professional microblading eyebrow services from the best medspa in Whitby.


What Is 

At skin essence medspa we understand the art of beauty starts with your brows. And we have what it takes to give you the brows your heart desires! Our artists come with over 10+ years of experience in mapping, shaping and microblading brows. We spend the time with you to explain the steps involved and together we map and shape your brows to your preference before microblading. We use hospital grade numbing cream to numb your brows before and during the microblading process to ensure that treatment is as comfortable as possible. We will go through the post care instructions and send you home with a post care kit to ensure your brows and properly cared for until the healing process is over leaving you with amazing brows everyday!

EYEBROW Microblading Work?

Eyebrow microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that involves using a small handheld tool to manually apply pigment to the skin. The tool is typically made up of a row of tiny needles that are used to make fine, hair-like strokes in the skin. The technician will use the tool to mimic the natural shape and direction of the individual's eyebrows, filling in any gaps or creating a fuller appearance.


Before the procedure, the technician will typically consult with the client to determine the desired shape and color of the eyebrows. After the procedure, the pigment will take several days to fully heal, and the color will appear darker before it eventually fades to a more natural-looking shade.

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The Best Eyebrow Microblading Services in Whitby

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Microblading vs. Tattooing Eyebrows

Microblading and tattooing are both techniques used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows, but there are some key differences between the two:


1. Technique: Microblading uses a small handheld tool to manually apply pigment to the skin, mimicking the appearance of natural hair strokes. Tattooing uses a machine to apply pigment to the skin, resulting in a more solid, filled-in appearance.

2. Pigment: Microblading typically uses a semi-permanent pigment that will fade over time, while tattooing uses a permanent ink.


3. Touch-ups: Microblading typically requires touch-ups every 1-2 years, while tattooed eyebrows may last for several years before needing to be touched up.


4. Healing process: Microblading's healing process is quicker and less painful than tattooing.

5. Natural-looking: Microblading creates a natural-looking brow that mimics the look of real hair, while tattooing can look more solid and filled-in.


6. Removal: Microblading pigment can be removed with salt and water, laser, or by letting it fade away over time. Tattooed eyebrows may require laser removal which can be costly and painful.


Should You Get  
Microblading Eyebrows?

Eyebrow microblading can be a great option for people who have sparse or patchy eyebrows, or who want to enhance their natural brow shape. It can also be beneficial for people who have trouble applying makeup or who have difficulty maintaining their eyebrows due to conditions such as alopecia or chemotherapy.


Additionally, people who have a busy lifestyle and want to save time in the morning, or people who want to achieve a more defined and symmetrical brow shape can also consider microblading. However, it's important to note that microblading may not be suitable for everyone. People with sensitive skin, a history of keloid scarring, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with a professional before deciding to get microblading.

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Get Eyebrow Microblading in Whitby


Frequently Asked Questions

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It's Going Amazing!

“Highly recommend!! Excellent med spa with super knowledgeable staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I did my injections there and the injector is fantastic. I got great results that I couldn’t be happier with. Extremely clean and well decorated too! " - Krystal



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