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Membership & Skin Coaching

Achieve your skin goals and find a healthier looking you through our Skin Coaching Treatment Plans

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The co-owners of Skin Essence, Amanda and Rania, have gone two steps ahead when it comes to the health and wellness of your skin. Through completing a Beauty Nutrition certification program and being fully certified as Beauty Nutrition Advisors, we are able to help you reach your skin care goal through multiple avenues.

Skin Essence isn't just about treating your skin from the outside, we are also about feeding your skin from within. We offer three coaching/program plans that will be created and suited for your specific skin needs. We will coach you to better manage your skin through nutrition and all the tips and tricks we have learned to gain beautiful looking skin! Treatment plans will be based on your skin condition/goals to treat your skin issues to reflect more radiant looking skin. 3D skin analyzing skin photos will be taken to measure your results in real time where you are able to see the underlying problems as well as the gradual improvements! Some types of skin conditions we treat through our programs include, Rosacea, Acne/Prevention, Aging Skin, Texture, Dry Skin and Hyper-Pigmentation.


How does this all work you may ask! Well it is simple! All you have to do is sign up for one of three skin nutrition coaching and treatment plans then we do the rest! We will create your treatment plan based on your skin care needs, goals, concerns and your results from our 3D skin analyzing machine. In addition to the unique skin care nutrition coaching, some treatments may include Customized Medical Facial according to your skin goals, Microdermabrasion, Medical LED Light Therapy, Dermaplaning and Hydro Jelly Facial! The programs also include discounts on products, specials for other services as well as referral benefits!! Prices vary depending on the type of plan you choose and treatments needed.

Please call 905-261-SKIN (7546) or BOOK ONLINE to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Skin Essence’s unique approach is to look at skin health through a holistic lens using nutrition as well as up to date technology and medical treatments. We are convinced that we can help improve your skin.

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